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Earles Meadow Conservation Group

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This site is a Public Open Space.

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 We welcome new volunteers - just a few hours a month really makes a difference.

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Our next Work Group Sessions are scheduled for Sundays 12th and 26th January, 9th and 23rd February,10.00 to 13.00 hours.


Earles Meadow is a compact and diverse area of maturing natural open space with a mixture of parkland, meadows, woodland and streams with a wide variety of habitats. It is rich in flora and fauna: the woodland with areas of bog and some left wild, the meadows with natural springs feeding a small scrape and the banks of the streams. 


  Maintained pathways and boardwalks give access to many parts so that the natural environment can be enjoyed by the general public, families, dog walkers and youth groups like Guides, Brownies Forest Schools and the EMCG’s own Junior Group.


  There are examples of fine native trees including Oak, Ash, Alder, Hawthorn, Hornbeam and Willow plus several specimen conifers and a Cockspurthorn


  Over 100 variety of wildflower are recorded each year. Sightings have been recorded of: butterflies (20 different  variety); small to medium sized mammals from the Hazel dormouse to the Red Fox; insects such as the vapourer moth caterpillar and Scorpion fly; reptiles - slow worms and lizards; amphibians - toads frogs … plus many and varied visiting and nesting birds


  The site is owned by the North Horsham Parish Council and the Volunteers of the Earles Meadow Conservation Group regularly meet to maintain and improve this valuable community asset throughout the year.

All photographs were taken in Earles Meadow