Please watch this space for announcements and details of events during 2019

Our Regular Surveys

Our wildflower surveys are carried out by

two members of the Group; we are

extending this and have a small panel

helping with some of the more tricky identifications.

The natural world is ever changing,  so checking this year’s finds against our

records we see earlier or later flowering,

a few lost, some previously wrongly

identified and new finds (which is the

most exciting).  It is an enjoyable activity, though can be frustrating, especially

when the plant doesn’t match our field

guides and we have to turn to more detailed authorities. Where there is an abundance we can take samples back for analysis otherwise the camera on mobile phones is a great aid.

On the conservation area we annually identify over 100 different varieties of wildflower and numbers have increased with the introduction, a couple of years ago, of a scrape which is slowly maturing.

In addition to this we record butterflies on the site, and in March to May of this year we recorded our highest total of different varieties, which may well be due to improvements in habitats.

2019 Events

Junior Group Big Garden Bird Watch

Junior Group submission of poems about “Bees”

Group Summer Solstice gathering Friday 28th June

Judging of Conservation Area for South & South-east in Bloom

25th June

Wildflower and Butterfly Surveys

2018 Events

Junior Group and guests Nature Morning

Junior Group Big garden bird-watch

Wildflower surveys throughout the year

Group Summer Solstice gathering 21st June

Group Winter Solstice/Christmas gathering